Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creative Writing: Sailing and Love

I'm posting this a few days early because I'm heading out on vacation.... Here's a sailing poem I wrote last year, to celebrate the wedding we got to witness on board the Victory Chimes.


by Nancy Rae Kienzler

I watched two boats
sail their separate courses,
and thought how sad
that these two beautiful things --
so similar
and following parallel paths --
should nonetheless be disjoined
by all that sea between them.

Like clouds overhead,
blown across the same space by the same wind,
but separated by a slice of sky.

But then sometimes the wind
will catch one cloud a little more than the other,
and blow the two together,
and sometimes,
when you watch the sailboats in the distance,
you'll see their paths cross,
their bows kiss,
their sails intermingle.

And you realize that
neither sea,
nor sky,
nor any space between,
can keep two --
who are meant to be one --
from joining.

(This poem is protected by copyright. Please do not use without permission.)
Have a great week everyone!


emilia said...

I liked Nancy's poems

emilia said...

Hi, Nancy! I'm writing from Rome, Italy. May I ask you permission to use your poem for a card? May sister and brother in law are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. May I translate it in Italian too?
Thank you,

Nancy said...

Hi Emilia!

Yes, you have my permission to use this poem for your sister's anniversary card. It is fine also to translate it into Italian.

Would you mind sending me a picture of the card when you're done? It will be nice to know that my poem made it to Italy!

My email is

Thanks so much,


Dreamers said...

It's a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Anna Palmer said...

I am hosting a "love your lake" Valentine's day fundraiser for the Community Sailing center in Burlington Vermont. Do I have your permission to use your poem as part of our event? Anna Palmer

Judy in Michigan said...

Hi Nancy:
May I use your poem in a Birthday card for my man who is turning 55 today and loves to sail!!

Nancy said...

Hi Judy.

Yes, you have my permission to use the poem in the card.

Thank you for asking!


Anonymous said...


After weeks of searching for a reading for our wedding ceremony, I find your wonderful little poem about sailboats. My fiancee's last name is Helm and we are having a sailing themes wedding (I alsolove sailing so the surname is very fitting!)

May we have your permission to include your poem in our wedding service next June?

Kind regards


Nancy said...

Hi Samantha,

Yes, you do have my permission. If you would, could you email me at my aol account, which is nrkii, and just let me know where you are? I am having fun tracking where this poem ends up. :)


Sam Cowley said...


Thanks for your post, I have emailed you, I hope I have got it correct. My email is
I'm in Hampshire England, we are getting married in Cornwall.

Many thanks for your permission.

Sam (and Simon)

carrie said...

I was wondering if i can use this poem to send to my boyfriend he is overseas and loves sailboats and me so this is a perfect poem for him...

Nancy said...

Hi Carrie.

Yes, you can send this to your boyfriend. Thanks for asking!

Would you mind telling me his generaly geographic location (state or country)? I'm just curious to see where this poem travels. :)

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy - I just love this poem as both my fiance and I sail and have been on many sailing adventures around the world this seems the most apt poem to use as part of our wedding later this year. Would you mind if we used it during the service. We live in Chichester but are getting married in the Cotswolds. Thanks in advance Louise

Nancy said...

Hi Louise.

I'm very flattered, and am happy to have you use the poem during your wedding service. All my best wishes to you and your fiance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy - I found your poem while trawling the internet for a suitable nautical themed reading for our wedding in Leaminton Spa, UK. Would you mind if my sister read your poem at our wedding?
Thanks, Alan

Nancy said...

Hi Alan.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Yes, you have my permission to use this poem for the occasion.

Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

My fiancée and I love your poem and would like to use it as part of our wedding ceremony. We are getting married in Newport, RI, overlooking the water and think this poem is just perfect. Please let us know if ok to use.


Nancy said...

Hi Alison.

Yes, I'd be happy if you used this poem in your wedding. Thank you for checking first.

Congratulations to you both!



Lynne Lawson said...

Hi Nancy, I am a civil celebrant in Western Australia and I ask your permission to use your poem at their wedding, it is a second wedding for both and they love sailing. I would acknowledge you as the writer.

Nancy said...

Hi Lynne.

This sounds lovely. You have my permission! Blessings to you and to the happy couple!


Anonymous said...


i'm in sweden and marrying a true sailor. the poem is perfect... may i use it at my wedding in august?

your fan,

Nancy said...

Hi Caroline.

Congratulations on your wedding, and my very best wishes to you both!

I'd be thrilled if you used my poem in your wedding. Thank you for asking permission -- it does mean a lot to me to know.

If you end up translating it or you put it into a wedding program, would you mind sending me a copy?

My email is

Thanks, and my best wishes again!!